Changes in the Slovak commercial register



Making changes in the Slovak commercial register may seem a mere formality, but it is not so. It is a process that is in terms of administration even more demanding than setting up a new company. To avoid inconvenience, especially unsuccessful completion of registration, leave the changes in the Slovak commercial register to professionals with years of experience. You do not risk unnecessary payment of fees and services of the expert are comparable in costs when you set up a company on your own. 



Leave the changes in the Slovak commercial register to the WFG firemný servis. Reasons to do so are numerous:


  • We'll provide you with complete maintenance services.
  • Our service package for a period of 12 months is at an unbeatable price

  • We guarantee expertise and reliability.
  • All documents are prepaired by experts with a long track record in the starting of a companies and implementing changes.

  • Changes in the Slovak commercial register within 10 working days.
  • Incorporation in the Slovak commercial register will be performed within 10 working days.

  • We are established and reliable company.
  • We've incorporated a number of successful changes and participated in many company setups, as evidenced by positive feedback.              
  • Guarantee that a price will be final.
  • The amount of pay for our services is contracted beforehand and the price is already final, it includes the court fee. Our company pays court fee € 33, which is half the standard cost for this operation

  • Announcing changes to tax register.
  • Soliciting for changes to the Tax office is of course services and does not constitute an outreach item.

  • We service the whole of Slovakia.
  • In the age of digital technology, we can provide our services to the whole country with the comfort of a local company.


  • Documents in electronic form.
  • All documents are delivered to client in electronic form.



The most commonly performed soliciting in the Slovak company register:


  • alteration of the capital into Euros,
  • alteration of the amount of initial capital,
  • change of a name of the company,
  • change of a legal address,
  • amendment (erasure) of lines of a business.
  • change of partner,               
  • change of managers,
  • alteration of the amount of initial capital and the currency in which it is registered,
  • change in shares in the amount of initial capital
  • change of the holder of the procuration
  • changes in the board,
  • change in the board of supervisors.



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