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I am closing the business in Slovakia and I need to close my Slovak company


Dissolution of a Slovak company (whether from objective or from subjective reasons) is not exactly the most pleasant process and it is among the most complex administrative tasks. Regardless of whether you have been led to the dissolution from financial reasons or disagreement with partners, you have to follow a precise procedure to close your company. It is also necessary to comply with the legislation, because a flawed dissolution of the company and its removal from the commercial register may result in a criminal charge of damaging the creditor and the like.


Dissolution of a company is not just closing down. The company must be in some cases disoluted through the liquidation and it also has to be deleted from the Slovak commercial register. This is a rather long and difficult process. However, if you allow for the expert advice, you are sure to close the Slovak company successfully. You will avoid illegal and unethical misconduct and the dissolution shall proceed in accordance with the existing legislation.



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The company WFG firemný servis helps you get rid of unnecessary or failing companies quickly and easily. At the same time we can help with the set up of a new company, we will prepare all necessary documents for the removal of the company from the commercial register and that with the all types of companies anywhere in the Slovakia. What other services will you find...?


  • Dissolution of a company (enterprise) or dissolution of a company without liquidation.
  • Dissolution of a limited liability company, dissolution of a public limited liability company and other types of companies (v.o.s, k.s., ...) anywhere in the Slovakia.
  • Dissolution of a company "ex officio" - through the courts.
  • Removal of a company (firm) from the Slovak commercial register



A) Dissolution of a Slovak s.r.o. or a.r.


  • The company is terminated on the day of removal from the Slovak commercial register, to which, however, the dissolution of the company preceed. If the company has no assets, you can dissolute it without liquidation, meaning that you can do it voluntary. Company dissoluted in this manner may be merged with another, or it can be split.
  • We will offer you advice whether it is better for you to close the company, to split it or to merge it with another company.  



B) Liquidation of a Slovak company (end operations with liquidation)


  • The most elegant way to end your business is the dissolution of a company by liquidation. The company in the commercial register or other registers expires on the date of removal from the register. Liquidation is required before the dissolution of the company, if the company's assets will not enter into the legal successor. Disposal is, therefore, possible when the company has paid all its liabilities and its assets need to be divided between the partners. After the division of property, the liquidator may bring an action to remove the company from the Slovak commercial register. The liquidator may also be the manager of the company, which will be provided with free advice throughout the course of the liquidation.
  • As a part of the dissolution, we manage the whole process of closing the company, we prepare the necessary documents that are consistent with existing legislation and will consult each step.  



C) Dissolution of a Slovak company through court "ex officio"


  • This will be implemented by the verdict of the court, which will also issue the appropriate decision. No direct activity of the closing company is needed. For revocation of the legal entity by the office of its own motion must be met any of the following conditions:


a) The General Assembly in the corresponding calendar year could not convene, or for longer time than the three months were not appointed competent company's bodies.
b) The company lost the right to carry on the business
c) The conditions established by the law for the set up of a company ceased,
d) The company has failed to meet its obligation to include a guarantee reserve or add to a guarantee reserve under the law,
e) The company fails to meet its obligation to perform certain actions via natural persons who have qualifications, licenses or other skills required by law,
f) The company failed to comply with the obligation to deposit to a dossier the separate financial statements for at least two consecutive accounting periods.
g) The company does not meet the conditions for a valid legal relation to the legal address (for example a lease contract was terminated and the company does not have any other legal relationship to their legal address registered in the Slovak commercial register),
h) The time has elapsed for which the company was founded.


  • Upon dissolution of a company "ex officio" by the court, we provide copies of all documents necessary to and the application for revocation of the company. We will terminate your business activity swiftly and with a successful end.



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