Joint Stock Company (founding of a Slovak a.s.; akciová spoločnosť)



Joint-stock company is another form of company. Setting up a joint stock company (a.s.), in the same way as with s.r.o., requires legal experience and especially time. Let experts do the job. You will also reduce your financing costs so you can devote time to more important business affairs.



We offer set up of a joint stock company with virtual headquarters


In the shortage of administrative spaces you can use our next service, which is the virtual headquarters (virtual office).It is not necessary for shareholders to be physically present, but your virtual headquarters is registered in the registry and all your corporate email goes through here. Another advantage of virtual offices is also the ability to use meeting rooms for your business meetings and negotiations.



If you let us set up a Slovak joint stock company (s.r.o.), you automatically receive the following benefits:

  • Get services for the entire year!
  • For the selected services, we offer a 12 month package of services for an unbeatable price.


  • We save your time, because we do all paperwork for you.
  • We arrange for all necessary official documents for you so that you can allocate time to do your business instead.


  • Assurance of the exactitude of all legal acts.
  • All the necessary documents are drawn up by a specialized lawyer with 15 years of experience in the Slovak business legislation, so you can be sure that the documents are legally correct. 


  • Financial security and less expenditure at the same time.
  • The registration of the Slovak corporate tax is already included in the price of the service. Clients also benefit from a financial security — prices for setting up of a company are agreed in advance


  • You pay less than if you set up a new Slovak company on your own.
  • Experiences in field, good public relations and our position will ensure that the final amount of any expenses associated with setting up a new Slovak company will be lower than if you have established the firm by yourself.


  • Everything goes quickly and reliably.
  • We provide a swift processing and approval — the whole process takes 14 days tops. 


  • Services covering the whole Slovak Republic.
  • Whether you are an entrepreneur from the East or from the West it doesn't matter, we will contact you and provide you with convenient service anytime, anywhere. 


  • Additional services for the comfort of our clients.
  • We can convey a reliable accounting company and if you use our other services more extensively, we will provide you with discounts. If you close your company with us, you will get setting up the new one for free.



Set up costs only € 999 and the price is final.

The service package "Slovak joint stock company" includes:


  • Free legal advice throughout the process of incorporation.
  • Processing of all papers regarding the setting up of a company (memorandum and articles of association (operating agreement), and also memorandum of association, the board of specimen signature, the statement of the founder, trustee deposit statement etc.).
  • Payment of the court fee, the amount is € 829.50. Since we use the electronic signature, we will save up to half of the costs of litigation. You pay only € 414.75.
  • Declaring a trade, accompanied by a certificate of business license.
  • We go and get for you not only trade licence certificate but also other trade certificates
  • Free advice regarding the selection of other trading licences than Slovakian Trade Act (Živnostenský zákon) imposes.
  • Filing of the application for entry in the Slovakian commercial register (Živnostenský register) electronically.
  • We pick up the confirmation of the implementation of a certificate of incorporation in person.
  • Registration of the subject to the attributable tax authorities for corporate income tax.
  • Invoice that you can include in the costs of recently established companies.



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