Virtual office in Žilina



Do yo need a representative office for your company in the center of Žilina? We offer the virtual offices in Žilina. You can organize your business meetings in the impressive spaces. You will have an assistant available and of course we offer the services of receiving, custoding and forwarding of a corporate mail.


Virtual office serves as your legal address, which saves your money - it is way cheaper than renting business premises. The virtual heaquarters service of course offer a discreet and seamless communication with an assistant and a full administrative and technical support. 



Žilina is an important business intersection in Slovakia. 


Our virtual heaquarters are located at the prestigious part in Žilina, in the city center. A professional assistant picks up the phone on your behalf and in charge of forwarding transcribed phone messages or faxes.




WFG firemný servis, s.r.o.
Veľká Okružná 43
010 01 Žilina



We'll provide you with a legal address (virtual headquarters) for your company at a prestigious address in the center of Žilina.





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