I decided to entrust the company WFG with establishing my co. ltd. as one of my acquaintances had advised me. I was very satisfied with counselling, informing about conditions, possibilities and establishing itself. I also know if there is a problém or an unexpected event. who to turn to.


Ing. Damián Kokinda



I want to thank the firm WFG for the professional and individual approach as to legal services for our firm. I believe that the rapidity and enthusiasm will last you also in next years of our cooperation.


Jaroslav Šidlo



We cooperate with th firm WFG in the field of virtual offices and renting conferenc rooms. We appreciate their flexibility and fulfilling mutual agreements.


Martin Lazarčík, Corlonez advisory, s.r.o.



I turned to WFG when I wanted to cancel an inactive co. ltd.. I appreciate  quick and quality legal service which I was offered during all the time of our cooperation. This way I would like to thank Mrs. Judr. Otáhalová for her obliging, flexible and highly professional approach.


Monika Fojtík



In 2014 my business partner played a dirty trick on me . After good advice from the WFG I tricked him too.





I started cooperation with the WFG when I needed to found a company and I also used their reliable services when I needed to change the home office of the company and to complement business activities. I appreciate especially professional and obliging approach of the workers of the WFG and pleasant and quick proceedings. Also the prices are reasonable. I mainly did not have to worry about bureaucracy and did not have to lose my time with the authorities. As I am very satisfied, I recommend the WFG firm very much.


Mgr. Daniel Kotrč PhD. NEONYX firm trustee



We were very satisfied with the establishing of our co. ltd. Everything went quickly. The communication with Judr. Otáhalová was very good. We appreciate mainly the rapidity, professional approach and the price too. Thank you very much and we will certainly recommend you to our business partners and acquaintances.


IGON, s.r.o. Gonšenicová G








We have collaborated with the WFG since 2009. As we do not have any employees in Slovakia, it was very effective and advantageous for us to make use of the WFG offer for home office for our firm in the centre of Žilina. WFG offers us also legal and administration services. Simply all we need.


Ivan Riegel



I am very content with the services of WFG. Everything went smoothly and exactly as we had agreed on. No useless meeting or paperpushing. I really recommend  them.


Adam Rybnikár



We used the services of WFG in Žilina when we wanted to start a sister company TECH-LIT SK ltd.. We needed the rapidity, effectiveness and legal correctness and we got all that  beforehand with correct information. We are always looking for experts and  they are in WFG. We appreciate online service of coming and outgoing mail and the complete confidential service. If you want to start your business in Slovakia - the only recommended way is WFG in Žilina .


Robert Škalout TECH-LIT CZ and TECH-LIT SK trustee.



At the beginning of 2015 I needed to found a firm. As I was very busy, I turned to WFG, I received a packet of documents by mail, which I only signed and promptly sent them back. My firm was established within 2 weeks and I  was able to start my business.  I founded my first firm myself and it took me a lot of time which I could have dedicated to work I understand. It was very clever to turn to experts.


Ivan Magnusek



I want to give my thanks to WFG firm for the correct and highly professional collaboration with the sale of our business share. I am very satisfied with the smooth mediation and the rapidity of all the proceedings. I wish all the team a lot of success at work and many other content clients


Katarína Derzsiová



I would like to thank you for the full service and professional approach with liquidation of our co. ltd.