Price list (Virtual office)

Company seat

€ 50 / monthly

We offer a registration company seat for newly established or existing companies at a prestigious address in Žilina and do so in accordance with valid legal requirements in the Slovak Republic.



Receiving and storage of delivered papers

free of charge

Documents and other post delivered to the address of your company by Slovak Post, or by a courier, will be discreetly received and subsequently distributed according to your requirements.



Storage of papers in a safe


Forwarding of papers

€ 10 / monthly


 € 10 / monthly

We will send documents and other mail delivered to your company address in a method and time frame designated by you and to the location of your choice.¹

Notification of receipt of documents:

by telephone, fax, e-mail, SMS € 0.50 /message



Assigned telephone number

€ 20 / monthly

We offer you company its own telephone number, or numbers.



Receiving of calls by an assistant

€ 20 / monthly

An assistant will handle telephones on your behalf and on the basis of your instructions will take designated messages and deliver them to you.



Voicemail box

free of charge

Incoming calls designated for you will be connected to an electronic mailbox.



Forwarding of e-mail

€ 10 / monthly

The contents of incoming calls will be sent to you with the help of e-mail.

Notification of received call /message €0.50 /message



Private fax number

€ 15 / monthly

We offer your company ist own fax number which you can use for the receipt of faxes.



Receiving and storing of faxes


Forwarding of faxes

free of charge


€ 10 / monthly

We will forward faxes received at the fax number assigned to you via the method and in the time frame of your choice to the location of your choice.²

Notification of fax receipt:


by telephone, fax, e-mail €0.50 /message


We will inform you about faxes received at your telephone number in a way chosen by you.



Rental of conference spaces



Rental of a conference room with a capacity of 6 persons


Rental of a conference room with a capacity of 15 persons

€ 20 / hour


€ 20 / hour

We offer the opportunity of renting representative spaces in the centre of Žilina in a building newly built for the purpose of business meetings. A representative meeting room is available, equipped with a flip chart, a WiFi Internet connection, or other arrangements on the basis of client requests.



Administrative support (1 person)

€ 20 / hour

An assistant is available who in accordance with business etiquette welcomes and presents your visitor and helps you during common processing of documents and with common administrative work (typing, scanning, photocopying, sending of faxes, shredding of documents, handling telephone calls, ordering taxis, accommodation and the like). In case of interest, refreshments can be provided if requested in advance. Common consumption of coffee and mineral water is available for free.


This service is suitable in the case of need for the administrative processing of documents, writings, letters and other common correspondence.



Web hosting and Web site creation

by agreement

Different variants of Web hosting by agreement are available. We will create a Web page according to the wishes of a client. The price will be determined by agreement. Prepared and functional Web pages are available at a standard price calculation. The price is always determined in advance on the basis of the difficulty of the presentation.



The mentioned fees are fixed tariffs and the client will be invoiced monthly/annually depending on the invoiced sum.

An activation fee will be added to the resulting sum.

This is a one-time fee in the amount of €100. The services provided are payable in advance on the basis of an invoice.

Listed prices are without VAT.