Transfers and changes in the commercial register

Different business situations and market opportunities require changes in your company. WFG offers you the opportunity to make changes of any kind in your company. We perform the services fast, professionally and responsibly and meet all relevant legislative conditions.


WFG handles the making of changes and notification of such changes to all relevant registering institutions, such as the Commercial Register, the Trade License Register, the Tax Office, relevant chambers, and the like. The basic idea of the service is that our client need not visit any offices. On the basis of power-of-attorney for the relevant activity, WFG will handle the entire process.



The changes we most often make to companies:

  • A change of the basic capital to the euro
  • A change in the amount of basic capital
  • A change in a company‘s name
  • A change in a company’s seat
  • The supplementing (or clearance) of subjects of business
  • A change in partners
  • A change in company executives
  • A change of the basic capital and the currency in which it is recorded
  • A change in the shares of basic capital
  • A change in chief clerks
  • A change to the Board of Directors
  • A change to the Board of Trustees


With a change of individual information in a specific company, we charge a unit price independent on the amount of information altered. (optimalisation of costs)

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