Entry of a final beneficiary in the Business Register


Obligation to enter a final beneficiary in the Business Register



Since 1 November 2018, each newly established legal entity shall enter the data on its final beneficiary in the Business Register. This obligation was introduced in connection with the adoption of an amendment to the Act on Prevention of Legalization of Income from the Criminal Activity and Terrorist Financing (the “AML Act”). The final beneficiary to be entered in the Business Register shall mean any natural person who actually owns or controls a legal entity and any natural person in favour of who those entities carry on business or trade.


Data on final beneficiaries shall not be disclosed. All legal entities established before the effective date of this Act, i.e. 31 October 2018, are obliged to fulfil this obligation under threat of penalty by 31 December 2019 at the latest.

Newly established companies entered in the Business Register from 1 November 2018 must register the final beneficiary at the first entry of the company in the Business Register. Entrust the entry of final beneficiaries with our company, and we will arrange it for you.


I wish to have a final beneficiary entered in the Business Register




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