Leasing of our meeting rooms

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Capacity: 12 seats

I wish to have the office premises leased

For the needs of active companies, we offer representative premises for organizing company meetings. The premises are located in a lucrative part of the centre of Žilina. They are easily accessible with free parking.


The capacity of the meeting room is 12 seats.


For the convenience of meetings, we can also provide you with technical and communication services such as scanning, copying and Wi-Fi. An integral part of corporate events and meetings is refreshment, which we can ensure exactly as required. If necessary, our assistant is also available. When negotiating with foreign partners, we can provide you with translation or interpretation services. Hence, the leasing of the premises in Žilina fulfils all standards and is a prerequisite for successful corporate meetings.





If you establish a virtual office with us, we will provide you with a discount on the leasing of the meeting rooms.



I am interested in the virtual office





What we can do for you

  • Services such as scanning and copying
  • Wi-Fi
  • Refreshment
  • Assistant services throughout meetings
  • Translation and interpretation services in dealing with foreign partners




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