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Take advantage of our virtual office in Daxnerova 9, 010 01 Žilina. This address will be the official address of your registered seat entered in the Business Register. Our representative meeting rooms are available to you. We also provide services related to receiving, registration and scanning mail and notification of receiving mail sent to your company.

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Virtual offices are suitable for all types of business companies or individuals – entrepreneurs who do not have sufficient office premises or want to save initial rental costs. The virtual office offered by us is located in the lucrative part of Žilina. The virtual office will be your official address entered as the registered seat in the relevant register (the Business Register, the Trade Register, the Register of Non-profit Organizations, the Register of Trade Associations, etc.).


You won’t have to use your office physically; you can use it together with the representative meeting rooms whenever you wish. The leasing of the virtual office includes the provision of other services such as receiving and registering corporate mail. Using virtual offices is fully permitted by Slovak law.






If you set up a virtual office with us, we will establish your limited liability company for you free of charge!

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Advantages of the virtual office in Žilina




Virtual office can fully replace classic premises

It meets all legislative conditions and is a cheaper option than the standard leasing of properties or premises.




Postal services included in the price of the virtual office

We provide postal services such as receiving and scanning mail, notifications of received mail, and mail storage without any additional charges. Clients receive login information that provides them with continuous electronic access to their mail without necessity to visit the virtual office in person.




Representative premises and exclusive location

Our virtual office is located in the centre of Žilina, which is the business crossroad of several Slovak and foreign entrepreneurs.







Other benefits of the virtual office



Smooth-running office

We guarantee fast, trouble-free and discreet communication between the office and the client. The assistant receives audio messages and then notifies the client of them by phone, sms or e-mail.




Discrete and reliable services

In addition to e-mail and message forwarding, the assistant is ready to answer phone calls on your behalf. All virtual office services are reliable and discreet.




Cost optimization

Using our virtual office along with our services will save your costs of leasing properties as well as the costs of administrative staff or employees.








I am a busy person so I am interested in an already prepared, properly established and registered limited liability company.

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