Companies for sale

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We offer newly established companies and companies with a history for immediate sale.

I wish to buy the ready-made company

The ready-made companies or newly established companies ready for sale are already existing and properly registered companies with all legally required background papers. Such companies, entered in the Trade Register and the Business Register, registered at competent tax offices and assigned the company ID (IČO), taxpayer ID (DIČ) and VAT payer ID (IČ DPH) are suitable for the purchase by entrepreneurs who find themselves in a time constraint or do not want to invest time in establishing a new company, which takes, including the registration for VAT, at least 30 to 120 days, including the preparation of all documents and taking all administrative steps.


Our company will intermediate the sale / purchase of the above-mentioned ready-made companies and will carry out the acts connected with the entry of all necessary changes in the Business Register, for example the change of managing directors, the registered seat, the partners (members), and the like. After buying a ready-made company, you can start your business in a few hours!






If you set up a virtual office with us, we will establish your limited liability company for you free of charge!

  I am interested in the virtual office





Advantages of buying a ready-made company using our services




Services for a whole year!

We offer you a 12-month service package together with a selected service provided to you by our company at an unbeatable price.




We will save your time as we will arrange everything for you

We will arrange all the acts and documents for you, so you can devote your time to business activities.




Everything will be arranged quickly and reliably

We make all changes in the company (change of manager, registered office, name, addition of business objects ...). Under the 100% shareholding agreement and the general meeting minutes, you will become the new company owner and owner.






Services throughout Slovakia

Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur from the east or west of Slovakia, we can contact you and provide you with convenient services wherever and whenever you wish.



Additional services for our clients

We are able to intermediate a reliable accounting company for you and, when using our additional services, we will provide you with certain discounts.










You can choose the company


Free legal advice
Our lawyer will advise you on purchasing the company.

Payment of a court fee 
stipulated in the amount of 66.00 EUR. 
Since we use electronic signature services, we can save you up to half of the court fee. You will only pay 33.00 EUR

Filing an electronic application
for the entry of the transfer of the company in the Business Register.


Preparation of all documents
We will prepare all documents and agreements necessary for the transfer of the company.

Sending complete documents to your address







I am a busy person so I am interested in an already prepared, properly established and registered limited liability company.

  I wish to buy the ready-made company


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