Dissolving a company
Dissolving a company is a demanding process. Entrust the selection of the right form of dissolution to our expert team. We will propose the optimal process and form of dissolution of your company.
Selling companies
We offer newly established companies and companies with a history for immediate sale.


When starting a business



Changes in the course of business


  • Changing the currency of a registered capital to Euros
  • Changes in a registered capital
  • Changes in managing directors
  • Changes in the registered capital and its currency
  • Changes in a registered seat
  • Changing business objects (adding or erasure of business objects)
  • Changes in members of the Board of Directors
  • Changing partners (members)
  • Changes in members of the Supervisory Board
  • Entry of a final beneficiary in the Business Register

Dissolving companies




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People in our team




Years on the market




Active companies in the virtual office



Dissolved companies




Companies in the process of liquidation





Virtual offices




Team of 5 experts

Our team consists of 5 experts in law, accounting and management. We also cooperate and use services of partner law firms, auditors, accountants and tax advisors. We highly appreciate all clients putting their trust in our company and make our best effort to satisfy them.


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13 years of experience


Since 2006, we have assisted thousands of clients with the establishment, changes and dissolution of their companies. We approach each client individually and strive to help him as much as possible. We regularly attend training sessions and monitor changes in the company establishment and dissolution legislation.






We offer representative office premises

The premises are located in the lucrative part of Žilina. Free parking is available to our clients. The lease of the meeting rooms includes technical and communication services such as scanning, copying, video projector and Wi-Fi. If necessary, our assistant is also available. We also provide translation or interpretation services.


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