Dissolving a company

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Dissolving a company is a demanding process. Entrust the selection of the right form of dissolution to our expert team. We will propose the optimal process and form of dissolution of your company. 

I wish to have my company dissolved 

The dissolution of a company (whether for objective or subjective reasons) is not just the most pleasant process and includes many administrative acts. Regardless of whether you have financial reasons or disagreements with your partners (members), you have to act carefully when dissolving the company. It is also necessary to adhere to legislation, because the unlawful dissolution of the company and its erasure from the Business Register may result in accusations of a criminal offence of damage to a creditor and many others.


The dissolution of a company is not just ending a business. In some cases, the company must be dissolved with liquidation and erased from the Business Register. It is a relatively long and demanding process. However, if you have expert advice and assistance, you can be sure that you will dissolve your company successfully. You will avoid illegal and unethical behaviour, and the dissolution will be carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation.






If you dissolve your company using our services, we will establish a new limited liability company for you free of charge!

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Advantages of company dissolution using our services




Everything will be arranged quickly and reliably.

We can assure you that your company will be dissolved very quickly.



We will save your time as we will arrange everything for you

We will prepare complete tailor-made documentation for the dissolution of your company.




Certainty of correctness of all acts

As part of the service of dissolving your company, a lawyer with years of professional experience will prepare all the necessary documents for you, so you can be sure that the documents are legally correct.





Financial certainty

Our clients have financial certainty – the prices of establishing a company are always agreed in advance.




Services throughout Slovakia

Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur from the east or west of Slovakia, we can contact you and provide you with convenient services wherever and whenever you wish.





Additional services for our clients

We are able to intermediate a reliable accounting company for you and, when using our further services, we will provide you with certain discounts. If you dissolve your company using our services, we will establish a new one for you free of charge.




What is included in the price?


Free legal advice
throughout the company dissolution process.

Payment of a court fee

Filing an electronic application


Preparation of all documents 
necessary for the dissolution of your company depending on the form of company dissolution

Issuing an invoice






I am a busy person so I wish to have my company sold.

  I wish to have my company sold


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