Establishment of a limited liability company (s.r.o.)

Choosing the right legal form is a very important decision when starting any business. Based on our experience, the most preferred form of business is a limited liability company (s.r.o.). Although it is currently the most widely used form of business, its establishment requires legal skills, background and experience in this area. Therefore, it is much more comfortable to entrust experts with establishing the limited liability company. They will provide all necessary documents for you and ensure that the company is established as soon as possible. Our company has years of experience in establishing companies. In addition to the above, you will also benefit from reducing your financial burden.


The establishing process includes the creation and preparation of documents required by competent authorities, the entry of the company in the Business Register and payment of various fees. We will also save you a part of costs by using our electronic signature in the Business Register. As a result, we can guarantee a complete establishment of your company without any effort. You can dedicate your energy and time to your business activities. If necessary, we will advise you on another legal form of your company and establish it.







If you set up a virtual office with us, we will establish your limited liability company for you free of charge!

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Advantages of establishing a company using our services




Services for a whole year!

We offer you a 12-month service package together with a selected service provided to you by our company at an unbeatable price.




We will save your time as we will arrange everything for you

We will arrange all the acts and documents for you, so you can devote your time to business activities.




Certainty of correctness of all acts

As part of the service, a lawyer with 15 years of professional experience will prepare all the necessary documents for you, so you can be sure that the documents are legally correct.





Financial certainty and saving money

The price of the service includes registration for corporate income tax. In addition, clients have financial certainty – the price of establishing a company is agreed in advance.




You will pay less than when establishing the company individually

Experience in this area, good relationships and our position can guarantee that the total amount of all your costs of establishing your company will be lower than if you did it yourself.




Everything will be arranged quickly and reliably

We will establish your company very quickly – the entire process will take up to 14 days.





Services throughout Slovakia

Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur from the east or west of Slovakia, we can contact you and provide you with convenient services wherever and whenever you wish.



Additional services for our clients

We are able to intermediate a reliable accounting company for our clients and, when using our additional services, we will provide you with some discounts. If you dissolve your company using our services, we will establish a new one for you free of charge.










What is included in the price?


Free legal advice
throughout the company establishment process.

Payment of a court fee 
stipulated in the amount of 300.00 EUR.  
Since we use electronic signature services, we can save you up to half of the court fee. You will only pay 150.00 EUR.

Receiving a trade license 
or other permissions.

Filing an electronic application 
for the entry of the company in the Business Register.

Registration of the entity 
for corporate income tax with a competent tax office.


Preparation of all documents
necessary for the establishment of a company (Deed of Foundation or Partnership Agreement, Managing Director Signature Template, Founder’s Affidavit, Affidavit of a Contribution Administrator, etc.).

Trade announcement 
or obtaining a trade license.

Free advice in selecting 

other permissions than stipulated by the Trade Licensing Act.

Personal receipt of confirmation
of the entry of the company in the Business Register and the extract from the Business Register.

Issuing an invoice for the provided services
that can be included in the cost of the newly established company.








I am a busy person so I am interested in an already prepared, properly established and registered limited liability company.

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