Firms and companies set up and ready for sale



With the sale of the company we now offer virtual headquarters for the company for free. Contact us for more information!


Companies set up for sale.The companies already established and ready for sale to entrepreneurs with the lack of time. 


Ready-made companies or firms already prepared for sale are properly registered companies with all legal materials. Such companies, registered in the trade licensing register and the commercial register, tax registered and with registration number and tax identification number, are ready to be bought by a manager, who found himself under time pressure or he do not want to invest time in setting up a new company whose set up takes a minimum of 60 days, otherwise a standard time needed for the processing of all documents and undergo all administrative steps. Our company can arrange a sale / purchase of these companies set up to be sold and ensure tasks associated with the change of manager, legal address, name, etc. Once purchased a company set up to be sold, you can start doing business within a few hours.



Convenience of the purchase of companies set up to be sold (ready-made):


The advantage of ready-made company is mainly the fact that you do not need to wait until your company is set up and subsequently tax registered, respectively VAT. This process can take 60-120 days. We will make all the changes in the company (the change of manager, legal address, name, etc.). Based on a contract on transfer of 100% ownership and the minutes of the general assembly you will become the new managing director and owner of the company.



The list of companies for Sale

We have prepared a list of companies ready for sale. You can find this list on our new website​.



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