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Virtual office, virtual headquarters.All these terms are correct. Virtual office is suitable for all types of companies that do not have sufficient administrative capacity or want to save initial costs associated with the lease. Virtual headquarters offered by our virtual office service is located in Žilina and it can be utilized by all types of available types of Slovak companies.


The virtual headquarters is your legal address you have to register in the Slovak commercial register. You do not need to be physically present, but in the case of need, you have the option of representative meeting and conference rooms. You will also benefit from our services which include the receiving and recording of the corporate mail. Virtual headquarters is fully recognized by Slovak legislation.



The advantages of virtual offices in Žilina:


  • The virtual office can fully substitute a classic corporate office.
  • It meets all legal requirements and it is cheaper than conventional lease or your own company premises. 


  • Representative spaces in Slovakia, exclusive place.
  • Virtual headquarters is located in Žilina that is an intersection of several Slovak and foreign entrepreneurs.               
  • Postal services in the price of the virtual headquarters.
  • Of course we offer a postal service (reception, forwarding and storage), access to the inbox via the internet application without the need to visit the virtual office.


  • A space for negotiations and business meetings.
  • You can also confortably rent a space for corporate meetings and bigger groups in Žilina. Of course there is a wifi, rooms are fully equipped and an assistant is available.



Other advantages of virtual office:


  • The office that works perfectly.
  • We guarantee quick, easy and discreet communication of virtual office with a customer. Assistant forwards phone messages by an e-mail, receives and sends faxes or sends notifications via phone, SMS or the e-mail.


  • Discreet and reliable service.
  • In addition to forwarding e-mails and messages, the assistant is ready to answer a phone on your behalf.All virtual office services are reliable and discreet. 


  • Reducing of corporate costs.
  • The virtual office with our services saves money compared to rental of property, your own administrative backup or additional employees.




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